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Annual Club Subscription

The club is non-profit making. Subscriptions cover producing and posting The Chronicle and other administrative costs. All Committee members are volunteers and receive no remuneration.

The club year runs from 1st April to 31st March. At the present time, the annual renewal membership fee is £12.00 per year for an email copy of the Chronicle and £15.00 per year for a post and email copy of the Chronicle. However the initial joining fee  has a £3.00 administration charge included.   If you join now, your subscription will run until 31 March 2025.

You may pay by cheque, bank transfer or standing order, but we hope you will choose standing order, as this reduces our work load and postage costs.

Paying Site Fees

 All members are responsible for booking and paying their own site fees unless otherwise indicated. Meet hosts may be able to negotiate special discounts when using private sites so members are encouraged to state that they will be with New Companions when booking.  If someone offers to transport others to places of interest it is usual to offer to contribute towards fuel costs.

Administration of the Club

The club is run by a committee of volunteer members. Committee members are voted in at the AGM and their tenure is for 3 years. The Committee consists of the following positions.

The Committee roles are –

    • Chairman of the Committee
    • Club Secretary
    • Membership Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Editors for the Chronicle Newsletter
    • Website Manager
    • Entertainment Officer

 The club has a simple Constitution agreed by all members on joining. The club is managed by a committee elected at each annual general meeting. All members agree to accept decisions taken at general or committee meetings. The Committee has the authority to terminate, refuse or suspend membership. An annual List of Members is circulated to all members.