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Our Club

The New Companions Camping Club is a friendship club for people who camp on their own for whatever reason

The Club is NOT a singles club, marriage bureau or dating agency

You are welcome whether widowed, divorced, separated, single or you have a non-camping partner.

The object of the club is to enjoy companionship in a shared love of camping and activities with like minded members. We have around 600 members living in all parts of the country from the north of Scotland to the south of England. We also have members in Northern Ireland and the Channel Isles. We camp in a wide range of outfits from motorhomes to caravans, fifth wheelers and one man tents. Ages range from the 40s to over 80s, and we have one member who is now 100 years old. Members come from all walks of life and have a huge variety of interests. Many have pets and these are welcome at our meets and members enjoy walking their dogs together.

The club is a friendship and companionship club, not a dating club. We do recognise that occasionally relationships will be formed. Members who become partners may remain within the club providing that the ethos of the club of social inclusiveness is maintained. We ask that these members act sensitively as individuals on meets and do nothing which excludes them from other members or deprive other members of their companionship. Non-camping partners of members are not eligible for membership.


Members enjoy a wide range of activities together

Members decide on a daily basis what activities they would like to do for that day. This is discussed at the morning meeting (see Getting Together). At the morning meeting any member can suggest what they would like to do that day and welcome any other members who would like to join them.

Popular activities are –

  • Country walking with a packed lunch and often involving a pub stop at lunchtime
  • Cycling
  • Catching a local bus into town for morning coffee, shopping and lunch.
  • Sightseeing trips
  • Having lunch together at a local pub.

As many members have motorhomes, getting around is usually on a local bus so having a bus pass is handy. Also members who have cars will often volunteer to take other members and a contribution to their fuel costs is appreciated.

In the evenings members will invite others to join them for a game of cards, dominoes, scrabble and such like. Or just to enjoy a chat over a glass of wine.

There is absolutely no compulsion to get involved with any particular activity.

Special Events

Twice a year the Committee arrange meets. The AGM meet in the spring and a summer/autumn meet.

The Committee organise two meets a year. They handle the booking of the venue and a series of day and evening activities laid on by the Entertainment Officer. Venue permitting there is usually a quiz evening, whist drive, race night, games and crafts culminating in a fish and chip supper or BBQ followed by musical entertainment.

The first of these two annual meets is the Annual General Meeting which sees in the new camping season. This meet is held in different parts of the UK each year in order to allow as many members to attend an AGM without having to travel long distances.

The second meet has traditionally been organised at the Stratford upon Avon Racecourse in the late summer. Members have enjoyed a variety of outdoor games and social activities and perhaps a collective BBQ and catching up with friends.

Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch with members

Our news letter, The New Companions Chronicle, is sent out about eight times a year, more regularly in the summer when there are more meets taking place. The Chronicle contains items of news about the club and importantly a diary of forthcoming meets and events. You can receive The Chronicle in paper format by post or have it emailed to you.NCCC Members Pub Lunch

In addition to The Chronicle all the latest club news and meets are published in the members section of this website and on the private Facebook groups, The New Companions Camping Club and NewCompanionsOverseas. After joining the club you will be able to register for access. Another very popular activity is the series of Winter Lunches that are hosted by members all over the country which are generally held in Pubs.

Your first meet

Making the decision to attend your first meet

Many would agree that making the decision to go camping with a complete set of strangers can be daunting. 

But as the Irish poet William Butler Yeats wrote –

There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met”.

Remember that all the members that you will meet have been in the exact same situation and will make every effort to make you feel welcome and enjoy yourself.

The club has processes to help you become involved. You will be sent a list of Local Contacts that can be contacted for a chat and offer of any help and advice and to answer any questions you may have.
When you have chosen a meet that you would like to attend you book with the campsite and then call the host and advise that you are attending and that you are a new member on your first meet. Many of the meet hosts are regularly hosting meets and very used to helping new members and ensuring that your experience is an enjoyable and happy one.

We are a very friendly and informal club so why not join us and explore new places with new friends.