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Getting to meets

        • How club meets are arranged
        • Touring with the club

Meets and Tours are held all the year round and in all parts of the country – In 2020/2021 members hosted 109 meets and 26 winter lunches.

 Map of events 2020/2021

How are meets organised?

Any member of the club can organise and host a meet. In essence, the member decides on a site that they would like to visit and invite other members to join them. The invitation is by way of an Event Listing which is published in the club's newsletter (The Chronicle), on this website and on Facebook.

Meets are usually on sites run by the Caravan & Motorhome Club or the Camping and Caravan Club; private commercial sites are also used. The majority of members own motorhomes, campervans or caravans but there are also tent camping members. If you plan to camp in a tent then not all meets will be suitable as not all sites accept tents.

When you have decided on a meet you would like to attend then you usually have to contact the site to book your own pitch and then contact the meet host to let them know that you are joining the meet. You can come for the whole week or how ever many days that suit you.


Members tour together all over the UK and Europe


Tours are again organised upon by a host member or there may be more than one host for the tour. Scottish tours are very popular and also Wales. The tour itinerary is published as a series of linked meets indication the number of nights stopover at each site. Members can join the tour at any point and for as long as they wish.

Tours also take place in and across Europe and are popular with members as winter getaways to Spain and Portugal celebrating Christmas in the sun!

There is no expectation that you should attend the whole tour. You can join at any point and for as long as you want – the choice is yours.

The big attraction with tours is that you can travel in the company of friends.

What happens at a meet

The daily routine – keeping all informed

At each meet we usually get together at 10 am to plan the day. At the morning meet members suggest an activity they would like to do that day and invite others to join them. Country walking and cycling are very popular as are visits to local attractions and lunches out. Some just enjoy a coffee and chat.

We often meet again around 5 pm to discuss how the days activities went and what people would like to do in the evening. In good weather the afternoon meet is used as a social occasion with members bringing a bottle of wine and some snacks. Popular evening pastimes include card games, scrabble, dominoes, board games or simply sit and talk over a glass of wine or beer. It is usual to have at least one communal meal together during a meet. This could be a meal out at a local pub, a BBQ on site or a “bring and share” meal. 

The decision about what you would like to do is always yours. There is never any compulsion to join in planned activities if you want your own space, but it is good to know that company is always available if you want it.

The morning and afternoon meets are run by the meet host and are an integral part in keeping all the members informed so nobody gets left out and has the opportunity to join in where they choose.