About us (Old)

The New Companions Camping Club is a friendship club for people who camp on their own for whatever reason, whether widowed, divorced, separated or single or who have a non-camping partner. The object of the club is to enjoy companionship in a shared love of camping. We have around 700 members living in all parts of the country from the north of Scotland to the south of England. We also have members in Northern Ireland and the Channel Isles. We camp in a wide range of outfits from motorhomes, caravans, fifth wheelers to one man tents. Ages range from the 40s to over 80s. Members come from all walks of life and have a huge variety of interests. Many have pets and these are welcome on our meets, many members walking their dogs together.

Meets and tours are held all year round in all parts of the country. Many of our members go to Spain and Portugal during the winter too. The club is run by members for members so we don’t set an annual programme as such. All members are entitled to host meets and these are added to a rolling programme. In 2019 we held 123 meets and 34 winter lunches. Click to see map

At each meet we usually get together at 10am to plan the day. We often meet again around 5pm to discuss what people want to do during the evening. Some members may go walking or cycling while others go sightseeing or simply enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat. We sometimes play boules, board games, cards, enjoy a quiz night or simply sit and talk over a glass of wine or a beer. The decision is always yours. Get together times may vary but the host will ensure that everyone knows what arrangements have been made. It is usual to have at least one communal meal together during a meet. This could be a meal out at a local pub, a BBQ on site or a “bring and share” meal. There is never any compulsion to join in planned activities if you want your own space but it is good to know that company is always available if you want it.

Our newsletter, the Chronicle, is sent to all members and keeps everyone informed about club events and news.

Subscription The club is non-profit making. Subscriptions cover producing and posting The Chronicle and other administrative costs. All Committee members are volunteers and receive no remuneration.

The club year runs from 1st April to 31st March. The annual renewal membership fee is £12 per year for an email copy of the Chronicle and £15 per year for a post and email copy of the Chronicle. However the initial fee for new members has a £3 administration charge included.

You may pay by cheque, bank transfer or standing order, but we hope you will choose standing order, as this reduces our work load and postage costs.

2016 South Wales Tour

South Wales Tour

Site fees and payment arrangements All members are responsible for booking and paying their own site fees unless otherwise indicated. Meet hosts may be able to negotiate special discounts when using private sites so members are encouraged to state that they will be with New Companions when booking.  If someone offers to transport others to places of interest it is usual to offer to contribute towards fuel costs.

Administration The club has a simple Constitution agreed by all members on joining. The club is managed by a committee elected at each annual general meeting in September. All members agree to accept decisions taken at general or committee meetings. The Committee has the authority to terminate, refuse or suspend membership. An annual List of Members is circulated to all members.

Although the club is a friendship and companionship club and most definitely not a dating club we do recognise that occasionally relationships are formed. We allow members who become partners to remain within the club providing that the ethos of the club is maintained and that these members act sensitively as individuals on meets and do nothing which would exclude themselves from other members or deprive other members of their companionship. Non-camping partners of members are not eligible for membership.

The club is a very friendly, informal club. We do hope you will join us and we look forward to welcoming you in the near future. Once you get over the hurdle of attending your first meet, like us, you will never look back.