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To apply by post download and complete the membership application form and send it to the address at the bottom of the form. If you wish to set up a standing order please use this form and hand it into your bank for processing.

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Or if you wish to apply online and use Internet Banking then please use the form below.



The bank details are as follows:
Recipient NCCC or New Companions,
Sort code 20-36-98 (Barclays Bank PLC),
Account 80621102 and put your name in the Reference Box.

Your Online Membership Application will not be processed until your initial membership fee has been received. For subsequent years a standing order can also be set up using Internet Banking (£12 payable on the 1st March annually).

If you have any questions or are still waiting for your Membership pack after a week or so, then please contact me as it probably means that I am out enjoying myself with the New Companions.

Brenda Brooks
Membership Secretary
07947 480113

Online Membership Application Form

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Use this form if you have Internet Banking.

The New Companions Camping Club is a friendship club for people who camp on their own for whatever reason, whether widowed, divorced, separated, single or who have a non-camping partner.

Your full address WILL NOT be published in our List of Members, Chronicle or Website.


  • The membership fee is £12 per year, or part year, ending on the next 31st March.
  • Anyone joining between 1st October and 31st December may opt to pay £18 in which case the initial membership will be extended to the following 31st March (maximum of 18 months).
  • Anyone joining between 1st January and 31st March may opt to pay £15 in which case the initial membership will again be extended to the following 31st March (maximum of 15 months).

Note: Members must submit renewal fees BEFORE 31st March for subsequent years, no reminders are sent. It is recommended that you set up a standing order payment of £12 per annum by completing the standing order form and sending it to your bank. Alternatively if you have internet banking this can be done online.


  1. I apply to join The New Companions Camping Club and confirm that I camp alone.
  2. I understand that any information I give or receive regarding members of the Club is confidential, including the List of Members and SHOULD NOT be circulated or used for any other purpose than that of the Club.
  3. I understand that the committee can terminate, suspend, or refuse to renew my membership.
  4. I agree to accept decisions taken by Committee meetings of the Club and to conform to the club code of conduct and to that required by campsite operators in the interests of good camping and countryside considerations.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, I am obliged to inform you that your name, address, email address and telephone numbers(s) will be stored on a Computer Database for use only within the New Companions Camping Club.

After you click on the Submit button please scroll down the page to make sure that you see the "Success" message. The form will not clear or post if you have missed one or the required fields.