Constitution of
New Companions Camping Club
(updated 22 Apr 2023)

1. Name
The Club shall be called The New Companions Camping Club

2. Aims and Objectives
a) To promote companionship between people who camp alone.

b) To encourage members to organise meets to which other members are invited.

3. The Officers and Committee
a) The management of the Club shall be in the hands of a Committee elected individually for three years at an Annual General Meeting (hereafter AGM).

b) The Committee shall consist of the following Officers: – Chairman, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, two Editors, Web Manager, Entertainment Officer and Events Officer. All posts are Honorary.
c) Meetings of the Committee whether in person or over the internet shall be held as often as deemed necessary, but at least twice a year.
d) Emergency Committee Meetings may be conducted by email so long as all committee members are contacted and have the opportunity to formulate opinions and vote; except where a committee member is too ill to be approached.
e) In normal meetings of the Committee 50% +1 member shall form a quorum. Committee members unable to attend in person to be given the opportunity to formulate opinions and vote. Meetings shall be convened by the Club Secretary by notice not less than fourteen days prior to the meeting.
f) The Committee shall have full voting rights and in the event of a split decision the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
g) In the event of positions becoming vacant between AGMs the Committee shall have the power to co-opt voting Members on to the Committee. Those co-opted shall only hold office until the next AGM of the Club at which an election of Officers and Committee takes place.
h) The Committee shall also have power to co-opt non-voting members to fulfill a particular task or requirement. Co-options of this nature shall only be valid until the next AGM.

4. Election of Officers and Committee
a) All paid up members of the club are eligible to stand for election to the Committee.
b) The Chairman and committee members shall be elected at the AGM to serve a term of three years. A committee member may decide to retire before completing his or her term of office and be replaced at the next AGM. Committee members can also be asked to resign by a vote of no confidence at an AGM passed by simple majority. When there is more than one nomination for a post then election will be by ballot of those members in attendance at the AGM. Current Committee Members are eligible for re-election.
c) Candidates for election to the Committee must be proposed and seconded by fully paid up Members. Neither existing nor prospective Committee members may propose or second a nominee. A member may propose or second one nominee only per AGM.
d) Nominations to be in the hands of the Club Secretary at least 2 weeks before the last Chronicle to be published before the AGM together with the name of the proposer and seconder and the nominee’s agreement to stand. Details of all nominations shall be published in The Chronicle.

5. Membership
a) Membership shall be open to anyone who:-
Camps on their own with their own unit (i.e. Caravan, Motorhome, Trailer Tent, Tent). Their status will be single; widowed; divorced; separated; or have a non-camping partner. To enjoy full advantage of Club Membership it is advantageous to belong to either The Caravan Club or the Camping and Caravanning Club, or both, since the majority of meets are held on sites owned or managed by these two organisations.
b) In the event that two existing members decide to marry or co-habit they may remain members of the Club provided:-
      1)   They continue to pay individual subscriptions
      2)   They pay individual fees on rallies
c) All members will agree to abide by the Constitution of the Club and observe the Code of Conduct as contained in the addendum to this document.
d) Membership is renewable each year subject to an Annual Subscription recommended by the Treasurer and approved at the AGM. Such Subscription being due by 31st March each year. Late payment will incur an additional payment to be determined by the Committee, typically 25% of the Annual Subscription. 

e) The Committee has the authority to raise subscriptiuons by up to 10% prior to the collection of subscriptions in March. 

f) Each paid up member shall be entitled to vote or apply for office immediately on joining.

6. Duties (not an extensive list of duties)
a) The Chairman shall take the Chair at all meetings. If the Chairman is unable to attend (then the meeting shall be chaired by another member of the Committee. If a matter arises which is important to the interests of the Club, the Chairman has the responsibility to put it to the Committee for discussion and approval and subsequently presented to AGM for ratification.

b) The Club Secretary shall normally, but not necessarily, be responsible to summon all meetings, send out agenda and take minutes and be responsible for the general administration of the Club. If the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting then a person must be nominated to take minutes. The Club Secretary will keep a record of the Job Descriptions of all Committee positions and forward a copy to those members interested in holding such positions.
c) The Treasurer shall receive all monies for the Club and shall prepare an annual audit report to be independently audited for the AGM.
d) The Membership Secretary shall administer all matters relating to membership, including new member applications and maintain a complete up to date list of Members with their addresses and contact details. An up to date mailing list to be forwarded annually to the Editors together with a list of those members wishing to receive an electronic copy of the Chronicle. A list of newly joined members is to be submitted to the editors prior to each edition of the Chronicle together with a further up to date mailing list. To keep a record of rescinded memberships and to check renewals and new member  applications against this record.
e) The Editors shall be responsible for producing of the Club Magazine (The Chronicle) which shall act as the principal means of communication within the Club. The Editors shall determine the appropriateness of any item provided for publication by the members.
f) The Web Manager shall be responsible for maintaining and keeping up to date the Club web page.
g) The Entertainment Officer shall, in liaison with other committee members, recommend and organise events to take place at the Committee run Rallies delegating as appropriate.
h) The Events Officer will organise everything to do with the smooth running of the two committee run meets with the exception of the entertainment. 
i) All Committee Members will give support to other Committee Members to facilitate completion of tasks and to ensure the smooth running of the Club.

7. Club Property
a) The property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee.
b) In the event of the Club ceasing to exist, a final General Meeting shall be called to decide the disposal of the Club assets and the outcome of the meeting notified to all remaining members.

8. Club Accounts and Financial Year
a) Bank or Building Society accounts shall be held in the name of the Club into which all revenues of the Club shall be paid and from which withdrawals shall be made. Signatories will be the following Officers:-
 Chairman, Treasurer, and one other Committee member. One signature required for withdrawals up to the value of £500Two signatures required for withdrawals over £500 (five hundred pounds)
b) The Accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer who will be required to produce Certified Accounts to the AGM.
c) The Financial Year of the Club shall be from 1st January to 31st December.
d) Committee Members may enter into an agreement “For and on Behalf of the New Companions Camping Club” to facilitate the day to day running of the Club.

9.  Annual General Meeting
a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held each year.

b) Notice of the AGM, Agenda and details of any items for discussion and nominees for office and committee must be published in The Chronicle at least 6 week before the meeting. Nominees must indicate their willingness to stand at the same time.
c) Any nominations for the election of the Committee must be received by the Club Secretary in writing two weeks prior to the publication of The Chronicle to comply with rule 9(b).
d) In the absence of Nominations being received by the aforementioned deadline nominations may be taken from the Floor at the AGM.
e) Any presentations (motions) must be received by the Club Secretary in writing two weeks prior to the publication of The Chronicle to comply with rule 9(b). These must be proposed and seconded and the proposer must be prepared to speak to the AGM regarding the proposals.
f) To receive and approve the report of the Committee and adopt the Club’s Accounts.
g) To appoint auditors.
h) To elect the officers and committee for the forthcoming year. (Existing Committee members shall be eligible for re-election.)
i) To discuss items submitted in accordance with Club Rules and Regulations to make any presentations if appropriate.
j) Only fully paid up members will be entitled to attend the Meeting and may vote.
k) No business shall be transacted at the AGM unless notice thereof appears on the Agenda, with the exception of routine matters or those which in the opinion of the Chairman of the meeting are urgent.
l) A Quorum shall be 50 members of the membership of which 2/3rd of those attending must vote in favour of a presentation (motion) for it to be passed. In the absence of a quorum motions will not be heard at that AGM.
m) Election of Committee Members will be by majority of members attending the AGM.

10. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
a) An EGM would be called in the event the club were to be dissolved; or at a request to the Club Secretary signed by at least 50 of the fully paid up members. The reason for calling such a meeting must be clearly set out in the aforementioned request.

b) The Extraordinary General Meeting should be held as soon as possible after the next publication of The Chronicle but no longer than three months after receipt of the request.
c) The Club Secretary shall immediately inform the entire Committee of the meeting and arrange for a notice to appear in the next Chronicle.
d) Only fully paid up Members will be entitled to attend the Meeting and vote.

11. Amendments to the Rules
a) The Rules of the Club may only be altered at an AGM.
b) The Aims and Objectives of the Club may only be changed at an AGM.


1. Attending a Meet
a) Hosts should be advised in good time of attendees to their meets; this is good practice, enables the Host to cancel their booking if no members have indicated their attendances and allows them to have their deposit refunded Currently 28 days for Camping and Caravanning Club.

b) Where Club members camp on any official camp site they are required to abide by the site rules.
c) When camping on an unlicensed site under license of the ACCEO Exemption Certificate rules of the Camping and Caravanning Club apply and for reasons of  insurance non-members are not allowed.
d) A contribution to car drivers for offering lifts to enable days out is expected, amount to be determined at the AGM, currently 10p per mile per person. Car owners are not obliged and must not feel obliged by Hosts to offer their cars for transport at meets.
e) Members are requested not to bring their dogs to the daily gatherings (10am and 5pm meets). This has been accepted practice since inception of the club. This avoids quarreling dogs and discomfort by those members who are allergic/anxious of dogs.
f) Members attending meets are responsible for their own health and well being. Hosts should not be put under pressure to act as carers. Cases of emergency will always be treated with compassion.

2. Hosting a meet – guidelines available on request.
a) A host may determine whether they wish their meet to be a singles only meet.

3. Code of Conduct
a) All members should act sensitively towards one another and do nothing that would exclude other members from their activities or deprive others of their company at meets.

b) Members should ensure their conduct at meets and other events does not cause distress to other members.
c) Complaints about other members’ conduct should be addressed to the committee and not to the host of a meet.
d) The Committee shall have the power to suspend someone’s membership whilst a complaint is being investigated, and to expel a member if they are satisfied (after a full and proper enquiry) that the complaint is justified and serious enough to warrant such action. When a “reasonable amount of time has elapsed” members who have had their membership rescinded may apply to the Committee for consideration to re-join the Club.
e)  Members shall not by their deeds or actions bring the club into disrepute.