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We have introduced a higher level of security for registration due to spamming attacks on our registration form. The form requires you to click on the checkbox to indicate that I am not a robot You will then be presented with a number of photo images and asked to click on each one that contains a particular image, e.g a train. Look at the images carefully as they are intended to be interpreted by a human and not an image recognition program.

You must use a Strong Password.  A strong password is indicated by the password strength indicator. If it is not showing Green then the Register button will not be activated.  

Please also check that your email address is identical in both email fields and likewise your passwords match.

If your registration fails look for a message at the top of the page indicating a possible reason, e.g. Emails did not match.

If you experience problems with Registration then please email with a note about the problem that you are having.

If you do not receive an email within a couple of days confirming that your registration to use the website has been approved please email

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