Resetting your password

If you need to reset your password you will be sent a new password to the email address which is currently registered in you user profile. If your email address has changed and not been updated in your user profile then you will need to email the Membership Secretary on

When you receive your new password

Login using the new password.

After logging in you will be automatically taken to your profile page to change your password. Here you can set your preferred password but please see the following notes about password strength

The reason for changing the password is that the password has been sent through the email system and security is not guaranteed. You can change it to a password that you may find easier to remember. Please do include upper and lower case letters, two numerals and two special characters (e.g. ?@%£$#!) and the total number of characters should be 9 or more.

How to change the password in your user profile

Once you have logged in with the password that was emailed to you look at the top menu left hand end for the Home/Logout. By moving the cursor over the top of this menu item a sub menu will appear User Profile.
Clicking on the User Profile will open an new page with two options which are to update your profile information (i.e. email address) or to change your password. Clicking on Change Password will open the change password form where you can enter your new password.